Jenny, flew to heaven!

Jenny…Flew to Heaven. Her eulogy is written by our manager, Wajiha.

Jenny, Our Paralysed dog who came to us all the way from Islamabad passed away a couple of weeks ago. Her last days were relaxed and calm in her spacious cage. She was an extremely scared dog; who knows what horrifying past experiences she had locked in her memories? When she first came to ACF, it took me weeks to be friends with her. She would gradually let you pet her head first then her body. In the beginning, she tried to crawl away on her front feet but crawling and pushing herself was not advised for her by vets, she could simply worsen her wounds by doing that. So she was moved from a room to a specific confined area where she could move and relax but not push herself a lot, placing her on soft pillows and covers, she would relax and see everything happening around her. She never budged at all when every other dog would jump for seeking attention, she would play invisible. that’s how she was. every time she was treated by vets her heart beat would rise and was easily felt by anybody holding her for support.

Jenny was just a simple living creature, she never liked being put on wheel chair, she was really not exercise friendly and took time trusting being held by us. The only major concern was despite her movement-free life, she wouldn’t gain weight. Her favorite was the afternoon snack for which she would half sit up and wait for her bowl impatiently. I used to feed that to her myself. Every time I would pass by her I would call on her “Jenny!!” and she would lightly check from the corner of her eye.

Her health was deteriorating gradually, she would still eat all her food which was the only plus sign. And then she quietly passed away one day. it’s the strangest feeling when you no more have that being around you whom you had to win over by countless efforts, talk to everyday about random things so she would start recognizing you, and then one day you tell them,’ your condition doesn’t seem so good Jenny please get well’ , and the other day they just disappear, lie in their grave leaving you with memories and tears.

It was her eyes, you can’t even forget when you sleep… they spoke to me. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to send her to Karachi. She had a peaceful few months before she passed quietly.


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