While the entire population was feeling blessed by the monsoon eruption in Karachi city, We the ACF people, start to worry about our animals. Since the prediction was already there for a couple of days so the arrangements were in process at the shelter, so we locked up all the pups, cats and most of the dogs in their cages inside shed to save them from the torment followed by thundershowers and lightening.

I salute one person who has dedicated her whole life for these voiceless creatures, Ayesha Chundrigar, when rest of people could be enjoying rain, she was worrying all evening about the animals we locked up. As its evident when Karachi is hit by the droplets of rain the electricity goes out. Making regular checks with the team and security guard about condition of sick ones and indoor animals, if windows are open, if they’re not making noise or else the neighborhood starts to complain. So this person stays up and has an entirely different take on monsoon in Karachi.

We request and need people to provide shade or a secured place for stray cats, dogs on their streets while the season expands, as well as for the birds. You can also help the needy people who sleep on the corner of your street with a temporary shade placed for them. Call ACF rescue service if you find any animal in need of a roof for the season. Let’s join hands!


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