Eulogy – Princy

The ACF Princy-

Rescued back in January 2016 with new born pups Princy had always been a scared one, she was always nervous and she could never defend herself with other dogs. Once her kids grew up, she left them on their own and just enjoyed lurking in corners; she would only pop out whenever we were out, she loved being around people, her first impression on everyone, even on visitors was such that she would stand on her hind legs and flash a big smile. She could walk on 2 legs for ages! She knew how to push open the office doors and would sit on the waiting area sofas for hours or behind my desk. That was her hideout maybe because she knew I wouldn’t let anybody take her out. One of her other favorite hide out spots was the cat room: she was such a friendly cutie pie, none of the cats felt threatened.

She was an exception to all our shelter rules, whenever the cleaners would lock her up again in the healthy dog area, I would sneak in and bring her out again. I used to tease her at times by not letting her out and she would make those funny angry noises and act like *she-is-the-most-tortured-dog-in-the-history-of-this-world*. However, we tried our best that she learns to defend herself but it was just in vain. She wouldn’t eat anything if another dog would just bark at her loudly; she would always look up to us to save her. She was all the cleaners favorite too. They would give her food separately when she won’t eat out of fear of other dogs.

I don’t have many pictures with her, reason: she would never sit patiently with me; she would either keep jumping on me or licking, or just come sit on my lap and she was a full grown dog but would act as if she is still a little puppy. She was the first to welcome me every day at the gate, and giving those looks with her eyes like a connection, she would tell me everything, especially about her health.

Her most special feature was her beautiful eyes, oh yes, they were so expressive… I already miss those. Her death came as a shock, she collapsed within a day of her sickness, before we could diagnose or complete her medical course, she passed away. Can’t really express when I came early just to make sure she was doing okay and found her body just lying there, lifeless. Picking her up again for one last long hug was the most painful feeling I have had so far. It’s first working day without her, I miss her presence and feel like she will just pop out of a corner and hug me the way she always does. You can’t be replaced Princy.

RIP Princy: like her name – spoiled like a Princess.


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